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Halo PRO Skin Resurfacing
For those in need of a little something extra, we suggest Halo PRO for a solution to deeper resurfacing. Halo is a true hybrid laser and our go-to device for brides and special occasion prep. This skin perfecter aka our airbrusher delivers both ablative and non-ablative laser beams to the same microscopic treatment zones in the skin essentially churning up the old and laying down the new. Due to this advanced dual technology, you can achieve better results than older single beam lasers with even less downtime.

Downtime: Mild redness and swelling for 24 hours followed by sandpapery texture and flaking for an average of 3-5 days. Great for a long weekend.

Tip: Pair this treatment with Skinmedica’s TNS Advanced+ Serum for an additional collagen boost and recover sooner with the power of growth factors. Add $295


The Morpheus8® utilizes a radiofrequency device to apply highly concentrated tiny energy pulses to fine needles that penetrate your skin and create varying microscopic wounds. This treatment is termed “fractional” because only a fraction of the skin is treated, leaving the remainder of untreated skin to speed the healing process. The intensity and duration of your side effects depends on the aggressiveness of the treatment and your individual healing characteristics.

Downtime: Mild redness and swelling for 24-48 hours followed by light-to-intense skin shedding for an average of 3-5 days. Great for a long weekend.

Tip: Enhance your results and speed up recovery by adding PRP (protein rich plasma) to your treatment. Add $500 per treatment.


Intense Phototherapy Skin Rejuvenation Face & Neck
To address deeper pigmentation, sun damage, broken capillaries and overall skin complexion, the Lumecca photofacial never fails to deliver. New studies have shown that repeat application of IPL (intense pulsed light) to the skin, stimulates collagen and firms skin by bulk heating the tissue. We have designed a lite Lumecca treatment that does just that with little to no downtime. *If you have noticeable sun spots and capillaries, a more intense treatment may be recommended for you including additional cost. Ask your provider for details.Downtime: Mild Redness and swelling for 24-48 hours followed by a coffee grind-like texture and flaking for an average of 3-5 days. Great for a long weekend.
Tip: Pair with a microdermabrasion hydrafacial for added complexion clearing skin benefits. Add $300

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